Can you embarrass yourself today?

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The other day, I watched a TV interview of an actress who claimed she knew she would become an actor growing up. It seems she knew the answers to all the bizarre questions that can help her find a true calling in life.

Wow, I thought, because I suffer indecision deciding what to eat, and she had it all figured out.

The thing is- every decision she made thereon had a specific reason and purpose. Where to study, what to do, and where to live and connect? The entire thing planned to last mile.

She reached where she intended to…

Writers can change the world for their word knows no boundary.

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We love writing. Don’t we?

Our very core wonders. We observe others and ourselves. Do we also wonder why we write?

Yes, I do. We all do. I wonder why we write. What brings me back to a pen, paper, and keyboard to put down my thoughts or observations or just to let it all out and express?

Sometimes it flows, while sometimes it may not. The urge to pen down a thought even if the mind resists is what makes me wonder. At times, the world around me tends to fall and crumble, but not my desire to write.

Busyness is an addiction

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Busyness is addiction

I do nothing daily. It is my meditation.

Doing nothing is something I crave. A go-to vaccine when it seems everything is slipping away is to sit around doing nothing.

It seems contradictory. Right? Do, and nothing do not go hand in hand. If there is a doing, then how can it be nothing?

What I intend to tell is- It is nothing that I do.

I lay dead in my bed motionless. No movement, no thinking. …

It’s not shitty writing. It’s not writing.

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“Read a thousand books, and your words will flow like a river.”

― Lisa See

Writing is an enigma, sort of, yes. The daily grind comes at a price you chose to pay. I believe things are overcomplicated and glamourized when it comes to putting words on paper.

Writing is neither complicated nor needs romanticizing.

You see all sorts of advice pouring in from each quarter on how to get better and master the craft.

There are invariably more pieces written about “how to write” than the actual writing itself.

The thing is, we love to read and create a…

Life is frittered away with details — hence, simplify.

It’s not you, but you get the point. Right? Photo by Thiébaud Faix on Unsplash

These are testing times. You’ve got so much on your plate to consume, coz, hey, you need to impress people about stuff you have, your lifestyle, and that costly lobster you ate.

We live under constant scrutiny and prying eyes of loved ones and strangers who we try to impress for validation. Life is a chaotic mess waiting to explode.

“Waiting for the weekend” describes life now. As if the weekend’s going to straighten out your life. Since when it became about living for two days while dreading the entire week and making it through, just making it.

The majority…


I think, therefore, I am.

Change by telling yourself a good story. Photo by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash

All this while you’ve identified the problems in life and made affirmations mentally, also knew what to do. But change eludes you.

Here’s the thing- “we can’t change because of the shit we keep telling our self.”

Be it success, habits, or anything else you wanted, and you’ll know the answers deep down. Everything you ever desired required tweaking of yourself. A little bit here and there, and you could have made it to a certain level or whatever you might call it now.

What gives me the authority to punch the keys and bring this to your notice?


The helper’s high. Yes, you can make a difference.

Lend a hand to someone in need.
Lend a hand to someone in need.
Lend a hand today. <a href=’'>Help photo created by freepik —</a>

How do you make this world a better place?

A little incident for perspective.

I was eating my ice cream the other day devouring its sumptuous taste and cold chill on my face. It was bliss in the scorching Indian heatwave that has just set in the North. The amazing part of having a sundae is the mix and match of flavors that is irresistible.

So, it was a regular Saturday and the sun was beating down with full might as if revenge is the word. Anyway, I had decided to get a sundae from my favorite parlor to beat…

You only seek when you dissent

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Spirituality and dissent go hand in hand just like lovers exploring affection. For a seeker, dissent is the beginning of spirituality. We hear about the right to dissent and how this democratic right is endangered today. Spirituality is reliant on dissent and the seeker’s audacity to challenge the existing doctrines and dogmas related to life. Philosophy, caste, creed, and any rituals are all but a mere roadblock for a seeker.

A seeker doesn’t believe and accepts the scenario as unveiled, but he seeks. He seeks answers about his genuine feelings and questions everything. Seekers aren’t content with the way things…


The things we keep telling ourselves to avoid the inevitable.

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One of the most intriguing and mind-boggling things you’ll come across ever has to be this- we all know what to do or what should be done, yet we somehow don’t end up doing it. So, why we don’t do what we should be doing?

It is the reason for our certain frustrations with life. We can crib all we want but we are what we do when we could have been comfortable doing. But we like being comfortable resulting in our stagnancy. …

Rahul Anand

Reading and writing fanatic from the rare species who prefer rest in peace to RIP. ||Spiritual seeker||. Use your energy to believe.

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