Can you embarrass yourself today?

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The other day, I watched a TV interview of an actress who claimed she knew she would become an actor growing up. It seems she knew the answers to all the bizarre questions that can help her find a true calling in life.

Wow, I thought, because I suffer indecision deciding what to eat, and she had it all figured out.

The thing is- every decision she made thereon had a specific reason and purpose. Where to study, what to do, and where to live and connect? The entire thing planned to last mile.

She reached where she intended to…

Writers can change the world for their word knows no boundary.

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We love writing. Don’t we?

Our very core wonders. We observe others and ourselves. Do we also wonder why we write?

Yes, I do. We all do. I wonder why we write. What brings me back to a pen, paper, and keyboard to put down my thoughts or observations or just to let it all out and express?

Sometimes it flows, while sometimes it may not. The urge to pen down a thought even if the mind resists is what makes me wonder. At times, the world around me tends to fall and crumble, but not my desire to write.

Busyness is an addiction

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Busyness is addiction

I do nothing daily. It is my meditation.

Doing nothing is something I crave. A go-to vaccine when it seems everything is slipping away is to sit around doing nothing.

It seems contradictory. Right? Do, and nothing do not go hand in hand. If there is a doing, then how can it be nothing?

What I intend to tell is- It is nothing that I do.

I lay dead in my bed motionless. No movement, no thinking. …

It’s not shitty writing. It’s not writing.

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“Read a thousand books, and your words will flow like a river.”

― Lisa See

Writing is an enigma, sort of, yes. The daily grind comes at a price you chose to pay. I believe things are overcomplicated and glamourized when it comes to putting words on paper.

Writing is neither complicated nor needs romanticizing.

You see all sorts of advice pouring in from each quarter on how to get better and master the craft.

There are invariably more pieces written about “how to write” than the actual writing itself.

The thing is, we love to read and create a…

Life is frittered away with details — hence, simplify.

It’s not you, but you get the point. Right? Photo by Thiébaud Faix on Unsplash

These are testing times. You’ve got so much on your plate to consume, coz, hey, you need to impress people about stuff you have, your lifestyle, and that costly lobster you ate.

We live under constant scrutiny and prying eyes of loved ones and strangers who we try to impress for validation. Life is a chaotic mess waiting to explode.

“Waiting for the weekend” describes life now. As if the weekend’s going to straighten out your life. Since when it became about living for two days while dreading the entire week and making it through, just making it.

The majority…


Story of Mark Cavendish and success

Tour de France and Mark Cavendish story
Tour de France and Mark Cavendish story
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Chances are you’ve heard about the Tour de France and the importance of this mega event in the world of road cycling.

Here are some numbers for you.

  • 34 Tour de France Stages win- All-time equal
  • 50 Grand tour stage victories- All-time third
  • First rider ever to win the final Champs-Élysées stage in the Tour de France for four years on the trot (2009–2012).
  • 100 professional wins with stage 12 victory in the 2013 Giro d’Italia
  • Became the most successful sprinter in Tour de France history in 2012, with his 23rd stage victory giving him more mass start stage victories…

Imperfection is real.

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The egg of a bird is closest to the perfect thing in the world. Astonishing, but true. I recently went through the journey Mr. Birkhead took me into the egg and the intricacies. More on it here.

Why egg and content, one might ask? Trust me, once you read the article, your idea of perfection is about to take a pounding.

With a mind-numbing number of websites and multiple other factors, ranking on google is a lost cause. The competition is intense and overwhelming. Also, it gets drilled into our heads time and again about creating the perfect piece.


It happened in West Virginia in 1897

Source: Wikimedia Common, Public Domain

What? Really.

Yes, the Greenbrier ghost is a one-of-a-kind case. This weird 19th-century tale seems unlikely but true.

It is the story of one Elva Zona Hester, born in Greenbrier County, West Virginia, United States. Greenbrier Ghost is the name popularly given to the ghost of Elva that helped to nail the convict. Elva was married to one Erasmus Stribbling Trout Shue. They both married in 1897, despite objections by Elva’s mother.

The story

The man literally lives in a litter box

Iván Jesus Rojas from Pixabay

“My humble abode”

Elon Musk can say this. I mean, he can. Ya, I know poor people like us say this a lot, but he can too.

For a billionaire maverick and the world’s third-richest guy, that’s quite something. Okay, don’t get me started on the top wealthiest people list, as these guys play around with that a lot.

At the moment, our shiny bald-y has it, who, even after a billion-dollar separation holds the fort.

Super effort Jeff.

Anyway, now back to Elon and his humble abode in Texas at the SpaceX site.

For starters, the billionaire owner of…

The problem is our expectation of being exceptionally good right from the word go

Don’t hang up your shoes yet. Image by Antina Wolff from Pixabay

We all live believing things that may or may not be correct. From immense faith in our abilities to confidence-crushing self-doubt, life moves around navigating a suitable path. The problem with the world is that a fool is always over-confident, and the wise is uncertain.

Writing invokes similar emotions, and the writers often live doubting their art on the pretext of reasons natural to human behavior.

I am not the one you would idolize as a great writer but perhaps a tenacious one. My writing skills are subject to scrutiny, and multiple leaks need plugging. …

Rahul Anand

Reading and writing fanatic from the rare species who prefer rest in peace to RIP. ||Spiritual seeker||. Use your energy to believe.

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