Can you embarrass yourself today?

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The other day, I watched a TV interview of an actress who claimed she knew she would become an actor growing up. It seems she knew the answers to all the bizarre questions that can help her find a true calling in life.

Wow, I thought, because I suffer indecision deciding what to eat, and she had it all figured out.

The thing is- every decision she made thereon had a specific reason and purpose. Where to study, what to do, and where to live and connect? The entire thing planned to last mile.

She reached where she intended to…

Writers can change the world for their word knows no boundary.

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We love writing. Don’t we?

Our very core wonders. We observe others and ourselves. Do we also wonder why we write?

Yes, I do. We all do. I wonder why we write. What brings me back to a pen, paper, and keyboard to put down my thoughts or observations or just to let it all out and express?

Sometimes it flows, while sometimes it may not. The urge to pen down a thought even if the mind resists is what makes me wonder. At times, the world around me tends to fall and crumble, but not my desire to write.

Busyness is an addiction

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Busyness is addiction

I do nothing daily. It is my meditation.

Doing nothing is something I crave. A go-to vaccine when it seems everything is slipping away is to sit around doing nothing.

It seems contradictory. Right? Do, and nothing do not go hand in hand. If there is a doing, then how can it be nothing?

What I intend to tell is- It is nothing that I do.

I lay dead in my bed motionless. No movement, no thinking. …

It’s not shitty writing. It’s not writing.

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“Read a thousand books, and your words will flow like a river.”

― Lisa See

Writing is an enigma, sort of, yes. The daily grind comes at a price you chose to pay. I believe things are overcomplicated and glamourized when it comes to putting words on paper.

Writing is neither complicated nor needs romanticizing.

You see all sorts of advice pouring in from each quarter on how to get better and master the craft.

There are invariably more pieces written about “how to write” than the actual writing itself.

The thing is, we love to read and create a…

Life is frittered away with details — hence, simplify.

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These are testing times. You’ve got so much on your plate to consume, coz, hey, you need to impress people about stuff you have, your lifestyle, and that costly lobster you ate.

We live under constant scrutiny and prying eyes of loved ones and strangers who we try to impress for validation. Life is a chaotic mess waiting to explode.

“Waiting for the weekend” describes life now. As if the weekend’s going to straighten out your life. Since when it became about living for two days while dreading the entire week and making it through, just making it.

The majority…

The problem is not the hustle but the way you do it.

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Side hustles are the latest go-to rage today. From one hustler to another, the sea is plush with sailors trying to find some shore. Frankly, I didn’t know what a side hustle means a few years back. I was hustling, but the word never meant anything to me. In India, it is a side job or extra income.

Anyway, from taking coaching, proxy homework for students, projects, selling comics and newspapers, blogging, and a few more stints at other things, my gigs kept changing.

It was the Shiny Object Syndrome that got to me. With the advent of the internet…

“Stay positive,” you said.

This guy got a lot of advice I guess. Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Hey man, Do not worry. Things will be fine soon. “Just stay positive.”

Ever wondered how convenient and easy it is to offer a piece of advice (you and I included). Just visit my profile, and you’ll find tons of it. Apologies, but there is so much I need to share with an eventful life I’ve had.

Advice is well meant, and we shouldn’t doubt the intentions of the provider. But a critical fact is our understanding of the cliché advice.

What should we infer out of these gems loosely tossed at us for making our lives better?

A piece…


Unleashing the true you, as they say, never happens.

Kill your self doubt
Kill your self doubt
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We are quick to react, dissect, and analyze any situation that is unfavorable to us. Yes, we do try, but also we lose hope too early. Self-doubt creeps in within most of us, making a permanent hide-out toying with our emotions.

Before we realize it, we are under a firm grip of anxiety, making excuses and short-selling ourselves.

With no over-the-top logic or some scientific jargon for proving a point, we know repetition breeds perfection. We are experts in nurturing it because we repeatedly convince ourselves of the lack.

Self-doubt is troubling and a persuasive whisper, holding us back from…

He who achieved glory kept at it a little longer than everybody else.

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Look, I’ve been writing for a while now. I have also been reading all this time. Books, novels, newspapers, magazines, articles, and just about anything I could lay hands upon(includes occasional wrapped paper cutting over something).

Am I a remarkable writer? No.

Can I become one? Yes.

Most importantly, can you be a remarkable writer?

The answer is astounding and a full scream yes.

I say it with experience and reading a truckload of everything that passes by me. Over two years of writing and more than two decades of reading, pretty sure of what separates a remarkable writer from…

Rahul Anand

Reading and writing fanatic from the rare species who prefer rest in peace to RIP. ||Spiritual seeker||. Use your energy to believe.

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