Welcome to the hedonic treadmill

Perhaps, if asked, what would you say about scoring happiness as of now on a scale of 10.

I answered 7/10 and asked a few references to spill their point of view on this. Surprisingly, the constant answer kept coming as 7. It differs for some. …

Can you embarrass yourself today?

The other day, I watched a TV interview of an actress who claimed she knew she would become an actor growing up. It seems she knew the answers to all the bizarre questions that can help her find a true calling in life.

Wow, I thought, because I suffer indecision…

Writers can change the world for their word knows no boundary.

We love writing. Don’t we?

Our very core wonders. We observe others and ourselves. Do we also wonder why we write?

Yes, I do. We all do. I wonder why we write. …

Busyness is an addiction

Busyness is addiction

I do nothing daily. It is my meditation.

Doing nothing is something I crave. A go-to vaccine when it seems everything is slipping away is to sit around doing nothing.

It seems contradictory. Right? Do, and nothing do not go hand in hand. …

It’s not shitty writing. It’s not writing.

“Read a thousand books, and your words will flow like a river.”

― Lisa See

Writing is an enigma, sort of, yes. The daily grind comes at a price you chose to pay. I believe things are overcomplicated and glamourized when it comes to putting words on paper.

Writing is…

There is nothing to fix, but embrace

I have been to movie theatres all by myself and many times. At the start, I got ogled upon as some weird guy. In India, you don’t go to theatres all by yourself.

Spending hard-earned money on some two-hour shit show with the AC blowing your brains out is not…


The philosophy of ‘fundamental unimportance’

The ever-eluding purpose of life and the chaos we find ourselves in is a daily reminder of not being enough. The sense of lacking or not being enough weighs heavily on us, rattling our brains to live in constant disillusion.

The feeling that the world is always dependent on us…


We are left with 3840 days

What seems like a long, boring, and dreadful life is a terribly short life. Although quoting scientific studies would be good here, but is it necessary?

My earlier chit-chat and experiment with friends led to an interesting observation about how we all reach the number 7/10 in terms of rating…

Find, seek, and grow

If not for religion, the world would have been a quieter and calmer place. But this is an individual opinion. Religion should be a personal pursuit, but it is not.

My religion is better, or your religion is lesser immediately dilutes the whole purpose of religion. The world is in…


For a better now

Perhaps, tweaking selfies is the most favourite pastime of people these days. From hiding every freckle to blackheads and filtering it to near perfection is what the algorithms love. Let’s blame the algorithm for now, for you and I are only humans who love seeing perfect faces and bodies.


Rahul Anand

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